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Special cables How to install?

First of all, we have to understand is that cable installation considerations:


     A mine cable with heat pipe should be placed in parallel with the link 2m distance, interleaving should link 0.5m.


     Second, the cables have to be connected with other pipeline distance of 0.5m parallel or intertwined placement.


     Third, when the cable buried placement, 1-35kV cable buried depth should not be less than 0.7m.


     Fourth, the spacing 10kV and below each other when placed parallel cable is not less than 0.1m, 10-35kV not less than 0.25m, when interleaving distance of not less than 0.5m.


     Five, the minimum bend radius of the cable, multi-conductor cable not less than 15D, single core cables not less than 20D (D is the cable diameter).


     Six, 6kv and cable discussed above.
     Cable Terminal A. placement when necessary stripping semi-conductive barrier layer may not damage the insulation when manipulated, should prevent marks and refuses to accept the level of environment, you need to use sandpaper; barrier ends should be flat, and put graphite layer (soot) COMING clean.

     B. plastic insulated cable ends copper barrier and well-grounded steel armor necessary, for the short route should also comply with this criterion, refuses to accept the value of three-phase operation to prevent the ends of steel armor was occurring EMF, even "ignition" and burning jacket and other turmoil. Ground lead to the adoption of tinned copper braid take advantage of, and adjacent copper cable soldering iron, solder seal should not use a blowtorch to avoid burning insulation.

     C. Three-phase copper barrier should be separately connected to the ground, and detailed ground wire and steel armor shield grounding wire should be drawn separately, insulated from each other, the status of the welding on the lower ground as possible.


     Seven, to simply request the cable head end and the center of the discussion: a conductor adjacent to the well; b insulated reliable, recommended the adoption of irradiation crosslinked silicone rubber heat insulation material austerity; c seal well; d adequate strength machines,. able to adapt to all types of operating premise.


     Eight, cable ends necessary water, and other corrupt nature of the material corrosion, to prevent water tree aging caused by insulation breakdown caused.


     Nine, the cable must be used crane or forklift loading and unloading, transport stop flat, flat, put the cable car shall be used when large cable placement, in order to avoid cable damage by external forces or because of artificial drag and abrasions insulating layer.


     X. If for some reason can not be real-time cable laying, it should be stored in dry premises, preparedness sunlight, water and other cable ends.


     Second, is an underestimated aspect is to install cables for acceptance check to see if there are omissions places.
     A first user acceptance please look to see if there are damaged cables show by construction workers using a multimeter to test the resistance and insulation resistance of each cable to confirm the cable resistance is normal, the insulation is normal, be recorded.

     Second, please supervisors user side of the entire laying acceptance, acceptance of major projects are: Laying A) insulation layer is flat; B) if installed reflective film, reflective film will examine whether laid flat; C) barbed wire installation whether smooth, fixed. After D) heating cable power, cable surface temperature without obvious improvement, and signature confirmation in the acceptance list.


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