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Special structure of special cables

1 low inductance cable
     There are strong and weak electrical points, here is a strong electrical cable with a low sense. This cable with heat dissipation device for the new water-cooled cables between the various types of low sense of contact welding, arc welding and pneumatic welding guns connected, has a simple and reasonable structure, large cooling water circulation, will not form a blockage blocking and limiting phenomenon, good heat dissipation, long life and other characteristics.
     This new low inductance cable also includes cables and cable ends of solid-filled joints, and the cable also by the positive and negative cable core constitute the core mounted on the outside with the hose. As these cables are generally used for low inductance voltage 25-50V, the current in the case 7000-12000A between the cooling water in the conductivity caused by a short circuit in the cable is substantially negligible, so this is not low inductance cable use isolation positive and negative cable core cable core rubber hose, just set up a cross-section was particularly spoke like (commonly known as "Plum core" shape) of the core holder, among its "round heart" and the adjacent "spokes" enclosed a space in the axial direction, i.e., along the longitudinal groove is formed, the same total longitudinal groove root of the core of the cable holder of the cable core to configure the number of positive electrode, the cable section is in the core of the positive electrode and the negative electrode, respectively, resting on the cable core constitutes the outer longitudinal grooves in the device core hose rack. The core of the positive electrode and the negative ends of the cable core, respectively, with the head of the clamping electrode assembly into bundles in the core folder, and then fixedly mounted on the fitting, the cable head end of the hose fitted over the rear end portion of the joint, and dried Set out to tighten the hoop outside hose tightly sealed.


     2 low-noise cable
     In the role of external factors, bending, vibration, shock, temperature changes, the pulse signal cable itself is less than 5mV cable called low noise cable, also known as shock meter cable. For measuring industrial, medical, defense and other small signals. There are a variety of models polyethylene insulated low noise cables, F46 insulated low noise cables, resistance to radiation and low noise cables, low capacitance and low noise cables, hydrophone cables, low noise cables and other specifications watertight cable.
     Cable causes noise are:
     1) internal molecular friction medium itself;
     2) changing the cable capacitance;
     3) piezoelectric effect cable media;
     4) the cable conductor and the dielectric charge generated by friction, i.e., the separation of charge is generated when the contact between the conductor and insulation damage.

     Squeeze onto the surface of the polyethylene insulation semiconducting thin (thickness 0.20-0.30mm) low-noise cable has been rapid development, its noise level in 2-3mV, working at 400 degrees for low-noise cable, can be used High temperature fiber wrapped semiconducting solution to their noise up 5mV.

     1 fluorinated resin-controlled heating cables steady 135 degrees
     By polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) / Viton alloy / carbon black composites consisting of 135 multi-degree of self-regulating cable. Its thermal process different, showing different degrees of PTC conductive properties and conductivity stability, which is due to the degree of crystallinity and crystalline matrix form by different cooling rates affect the insulation's sake.

     2 electroluminescent wire
     Electroluminescent wire is an international light-emitting display the latest products in the field of wire and cable and general appearance similar to the surface of colored fluorescent plastic sleeve, light continuously without any heat radiation of its work, the power consumption is only 50-60% LED lights , string lights for 20-30%, 1-5% for neon; wide range of applications such products, creating energy-saving, environmental protection, health display lighting new era, with the following characteristics:
     1) light-emitting delicate soft, bright colors, strong sense of three-dimensional and perspective for night vision inspection.
     2) energy-saving, environmental protection and safety; This product is a low-power, wide voltage range. Will not produce any environmental pollution and waste of the product, while not dangerous to humans occurred.
     3) soft, collapsible bending, random knotting, then cut, splice, and will not affect the luminous performance, easy to use and efficient to install without professional guidance.
     4) for the continuity of the light-emitting device, while the actual dynamics of various types of multi-colored flashing the telephone control and match.
     5) can be used directly fixed to the decorative surface of transparent tape, glue, pins, wire nails.

     Applications of such wires are:
     1) indoor ads, text patterns; windows, doors, furniture, walls, roofs, etc..
     2) cars, boats and other tools decoration; instrument instruction, figures show.
     3) Safety signs and instructions; staircase, passage, numbers, export, temporary outdoor venue danger.
     4) toys, arts and crafts, sporting goods, clothing, appliances, decoration, military equipment and so on.



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