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How to distinguish Wire & Cable?


     And the difference between the wire

     In fact, the "wire" and "Cable" and there is no strict boundaries. The core number is usually small, small diameter products, the simple structure of the product called wire, not insulated as bare wires, the other is called the cable; conductor cross-sectional area larger (greater than 6 mm2) wire called a large, relatively small (less than or equal to 6 mm2) as a small wire, insulated wire, also known as wire cloth.


     And the difference between cable

     Cable: When the phone will convert acoustic signals into electrical signals after transmission lines to the switch, and then from the switch through the line will be directly transmitted to the other signals on the telephone answering this call transmission line is cable. Mainly copper wire inside the cable. Wire diameter 0.32mm, 0.4mm and 0.5mm points, the bigger the diameter, the stronger communications capabilities; also divided by the number of cores, there are: five pairs and 10 pairs, 20 pairs and 50 pairs, 100 pairs%


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