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Name of product structure and material wire

The main components essential to the basic product information on the current or electromagnetic wave transmission function: (1) conductor.
Main material: conductive core wire is short, with copper, aluminum, copper-clad steel, excellent conductive properties of copper clad aluminum and other nonferrous metals made ​​to optical fiber as a conductor.
There are bare copper wire, tinned wire; single branch, stranding; after twisted tinned wire.
(2) insulating layer: a coating around the wire plays a role in the periphery of the electrically insulating member. That is able to ensure that the transmission of electric current or electromagnetic waves, light waves travel along the wire and not just flow out, with the potential of the conductor (ie potential difference formed around an object, namely voltage) can be isolated, that is necessary to ensure the normal transmission wires function, but also to ensure that external objects and personal safety. Conductor and the insulation layer is composed of two basic components of cable products (except for bare wires class) must have.
Main materials: PVC, PE, XLPE, polypropylene PP, fluorine plastic F, rubber, paper, mica
(3) filling structure: a lot of wire and cable products are multi-core, these insulated core or wire pair cabling (or grouping multiple cabling), the first, not rounded shape, and second, between the insulated cores left big gap, so the structure must be added to fill in when a cable, filling the structure is to make the outer diameter of a cable package with relatively rounded to facilitate squeeze jacket.
The main material: PP rope
(4) Shield: a cable products in the electromagnetic field electromagnetic field with the outside world to isolate components; cable products from different lines in its internal need mutual isolation of (or line group) between. You can say that the shield is a "electromagnetic isolation screen." Shielded and insulated high voltage conductor shielded cable is to homogenization distribution of the electric field.
Main material: bare copper wire, copper clad steel wire, tinned copper wire
(5) protective layer: When the product is installed to run wires and cables in a variety of environments, must have the overall product, especially for the protective effect of the insulating layer member, which is the protective layer.


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