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Wire and cable as the main carrier of electricity transmission, widely used in electrical equipment, lighting circuits, appliances, etc., its quality directly affects the quality of life and property safety engineering and consumers. On the market there are many varieties of wire, according to their electricity load to use the appropriate wires.
Wires on the market to sell some cheap, some expensive, some people tend to be relatively inexpensive, but cheap wires, tend to have a lot of that kind of performance is not up to his description, it is possible to bring their own many security risks. Wire production technology content is not too high, there is not much difference between the raw material, if cheap too, or is cutting corners, or is the number does not give enough. Then how to identify it. I'll give you that is relatively easy to identify several ways:
A look to see the packaging, national standard wire often do better, neat, holding up a quality feel.
2, to open the package to see what the inside of the wire, the national standard requirements 1.5--6 square wire wire is thick-skinned (insulation thickness) is 0.7mm, thick is non-standard, and corresponding to his inner core would certainly is not enough, you can pull hard line leather look, is not easy to tear the country in general is the subject of
3, and burnt it, after leaving the 5s off, there is a certain fire-retardant capabilities for national markings.
4, look at the inner core, the inner core material (copper) copper, the better the higher brightness and luminosity uniform, shiny, no layering. GB must use oxygen-free copper core requirements. Non-target such as black copper rod, there may be accidents.
5, the thickness of the inner core of countries have certain requirements, but not very strict. But the wrong lot, just a little small, usually with seeing out the error.
6, the length, the state must fight m not mandatory, but there are a lot of manufacturers have hit rice, rice hit the country is not necessarily the subject, but in general the GB generally do not play m. Non-target hit m it is just a means.
7, the state must fight on the wire has a certain identity, the maximum does not exceed 500mm will have the same logo next to break out above the general trademark, manufacturer names, such as the implementation of standard products


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