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Applications wires

     Power Systems
     Power system using an overhead wire and cable products are mainly bare wires, bus (bus), power cables (plastic cables, power cables greaseproof paper (basically been replaced by plastic power cable), rubber cables, insulated overhead cables), branch cable (replace part of the bus), magnet wire and electrical equipment such as electrical equipment, wire and cable.


     Information transmission system
     Wires and cables for information transmission systems are mainly telephone cable, TV cable, electronic cable, RF cable, fiber optic cable, data cable, wire, electric cable and other communications or other compound.


     Mechanical instrumentation systems
     In addition to this part of the overhead bare wires outside almost all other products are applied, but mainly power cable, magnet wire, data cables, instrumentation cables, etc.
2, to open the package to see what the inside of the wire, the national standard requirements 1.5--6 square wire wire is thick-skinned (insulation thickness) is 0.7mm, thick is non-standard, and corresponding to his inner core would certainly is not enough, you can pull hard line leather look, is not easy to tear the country in general is the subject of
3, and burnt it, after leaving the 5s off, there is a certain fire-retardant capabilities for national markings.


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