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Of common cabling problems are there?

     Wire surface markers - in accordance with national standards, wire surface should the manufacturer's name, product model and continuous signs of rated voltage. This is conducive to timely find factory when a problem occurs in the course of the wire, the wire when consumers buy is important to note this point. At the same time consumers buy wire should pay attention to the certificate marked manufacturer name, product type, the rated voltage printed signs are consistent with the wire surface and prevent counterfeit products.

     Wire Appearance - wire should pay attention to consumers should look smooth wire, insulation and sheathing layer without damage, signs marking a clear, non-greasy feel when Shoumo wires. From the cross-section of the wire, the insulation or jacket of the circumferential thickness of the wire should be uniform, not partial core, insulation or jacket should have a certain thickness.

     Conductor Wire - Wire to consumers should pay attention to whether the diameter of the conductor cross-section of the certificate matches the express, if the conductor cross-section is small, easy to wire and fever caused by a short circuit. Recommend the use of home lighting circuit wire 1.5 mm2 and above specifications; air conditioners, microwave ovens and other large household appliances with power should be 2.5 mm2 and above specifications wires.

     Specification uses - should be standardized wiring, fixed-line single line through the best use of BV tubes attention not to damage the wire in the wiring in the room decor when not to damage the wires; not in a line in the middle of the joint; wire access appliances box (box) Do not touch the line; another large consumption of household appliances such as air conditioners, etc. should be alone all the way to the wire supply; weak, strong electric wire is best used to maintain a certain distance.



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