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Safety requirements for laying cable

     1, the cable cross each other, the high-voltage cables beneath the low voltage cable. If one cable around the intersection wearing a tube within the scope of protection of 1m or separated by partitions, the minimum allowable distance is 0.15m.

     2, cable and heat pipe close to or intersect, if insulation measures, parallel and intersecting minimum distance of 0.5m respectively and 0.15m.

     3, the cable railway or road intersection should wear protective tube, protection tube should extend beyond the track or road 2m.

     4, cable and building foundations distance, should be able to ensure that the cable is buried outside the building bulk water; cable into the building should wear protective tube, protection tube should exceed bulk water outside the building.

     5, should distance between the ground directly buried cables and general grounding devices 0.15 ~ 0.5m; direct buried cable burial depth, usually not less than 0.7m, and should be buried in the permafrost.


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