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Storage method wires, cables

Cable if you want long-term storage, according to the placement of the cable, the following should be considered:
     1, under the eaves. Cable only without direct exposure to sunlight or ultra-high temperature, the standard LAN cable can be applied, it is recommended to use the pipeline.
     2, the external walls. Avoid direct sunlight walls and man-made damage.
     3, the pipe (plastic or metal). As in the pipeline, note the thermal damage and metal pipes plastic pipe.
     4, floating application / aerial cable. Consider sag and tension cables, which tied intended way, the cable is exposed to direct sunlight.
     5, directly in the trench laying underground cables, control of this environment is minimal. Cable trench installation to regularly check the extent of dry or wet.
     6, underground pipes. In order to facilitate future upgrades, cable replacement, and surface pressure and ambient isolation, paved pipeline isolated, paved the pipeline is a better way. But do not hope the pipeline will always remain dry, which will affect the choice of cable types.


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