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Cables, wires causes of aging

    1, external damage. By running the analysis point of view in recent years, especially in the rapid economic development in Shanghai Pudong, a considerable number of cable failures are due to mechanical damage caused.

     2, insulation damp. This situation is very common, generally occurs in buried cables or exhaust tube joints. For example: cable connector making unqualified and under wet weather conditions do fittings, make joint water or mixed with water vapor to form water a long time r branches in the electric field, and gradually damages the dielectric strength of the cable and cause a malfunction.

     3, chemical corrosion. Cable directly buried in the role of acid-base areas, often result in armored cable, lead sheet or corrosion of the outer sheath, the protective layer due to prolonged exposure to chemical corrosion or electrolytic corrosion, resulting in failure of the protective layer, insulation reduces, can lead to cable fault. : The cable corrosion unit is quite serious

     4, long-term overload operation. Overload operation, due to the thermal effect of current, load current through the conductor cable will inevitably lead to fever, skin effect while the eddy current losses and the steel armor of charge, at first glance dielectric loss will produce additional heat, so that the cable temperature.

     5, the cable connector failure. Cable line cable connector is the weakest link, direct negligence by personnel (Construction bad) cable joint failure caused by frequent. Construction workers in the production process of the cable connector, if there is not crimped tight, inadequate heating and other reasons, will lead to lower cable head insulation, causing an accident.

     6, the environment and temperature. Cable in which the external environment and high temperature heat source will cause the cable insulation breakdown, or even burst into flames.



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